City Lights Solid Reclaimed Wood Flooring


17.51 PER SQFT

Our City Lights mixed species clean face flooring is repurposed from the siding and timbers of barns and other antique structures throughout the heartland of the United States. We source the wood from decadesold thoroughbred horse farms, old tobacco barns, shut-down factories and rural structures. Our treatment and design highlight the natural grain patterns, saw marks and character of this antique wood, giving it unparalleled weathered charm.

Milling & Specifications Installation

Thickness: 3/4”
Widths: 3“-8”
Lengths: Random 1’-7’
Milling: Tongue & Groove, Back Relief,
End Matched
*also available in engineered flooring


Brad nail, cleat nail, flooring staple, face nail or glue down.

*An approved moisture/vapor barrier must be used (sold separately). Consult with your installer.

Limited Warranty

Recall or correction up to 5 days after delivery Lifetime delamination warranty


Items will be shipped free of charge in 20ft bundles via UPS


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The Details

Details Quality


Species: Mixed Hard Wood

Grades Available: Skip Planed

Structure: 3/4" solid

Dimensions: Widths: 3”, 4”, 5”, 6.5” Lengths: 1' - 7'

Profile: Tongue & Groove

End Matched: no

Finish Type: Unfinished, Water based or Oil Based finish


Crafted in America by our own master craftsman. American and imported materials.

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City Lights Solid Reclaimed Wood Flooring

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