Rough Back Barn Siding



Whether it’s used for walls or ceilings, indoors or outdoors, the look of reclaimed barn siding lends understated elegance in any application.

The material comes bundled in 50 sqft, random lengths. All lumber materials vary from browns and grays. Any sort of color will involve a range of acceptable colors, as consistent coloration is not a feature of this product. Mixed Species may include Oak, Elm, Hickory, Ash, Maple, Beech, Poplar, Pine, Fir, Spruce, and others. Species mix will be different from batch to batch. Boards can vary in appearance. The opposite face and edges can differ from the featured face in texture, coloring, and other characteristics. If weathered, the weathering will often be different (amount, the mix of colors, etc.) than the featured face. 

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