0041 - Hand Hewn 73.5" Mantel


Add inviting old-world character to your home or office. This wood fire mantel comes from a solid wood beam harvested and shaped by hand in the late 1700s - early 1800s. Its original hand-hewn markings are all intact, preserving the tremendous amount of work put in by the original craftsmen. 

Our craftsmen work carefully to reveal the old growth texture and original patina, resulting in a one-of-a kind, naturally weathered texture. 

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The Details

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Length: 73.5" Inches In Width

Total Dimensions: 73.5" long , 9” x 7” wide

Weight: 135 pounds


  • Old World lumber provides two brackets for installation, sold separately.
  • Wood is a combustible material. Proper clearances from heat sources (fireplaces, stoves, etc.) must be strictly followed. Customer is responsible for ensuring safe installation and compliance with local building codes and/or manufacturer’s instructions for the customer’s specific fireplace, insert or stove.
  • Old World Lumber is not responsible for faulty or inadequate installation.
  • Every installation is unique depending on the framing, blocking, surface and stage of construction.
  • Please note OWL’s delivery service does not include installation. We strongly recommend professional installation of the mantel in order to securely anchor the product to the wall, preventing risk of damage or serious injury.


Crafted in America by our own master craftsman. American and imported materials.


  • Do not place hot items directly on surface and use coasters under beverages to prevent marks and stains
  • Wipe with a soft, dry cloth; avoid the use of harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials