White Wall Plank


11.99 PER SQFT

Our Reclaimed Wall Plank is the perfect product for the “do it yourself” customer. This product is designed with installation simplicity in mind. It is authentic reclaimed wood that has been milled to 3/8” to make it easy to handle and install. We keep an abundance of our wall plank in stock in 4 different colors. So if you just need to do an accent wall, we got it. If you need to do an Entire Great Room and Ceiling, we have that too! Come by Old World Lumber and pick up your in stock Reclaimed Wall Plank today or place your order here on our website and we will ship it to your door.

The material comes ready-to-install, bundled in 20 sqft with equal linear feet of 3",4",5" wide planks and lengths between 1'-5' planks in each bundle. 


Call Today (713) 510-9289 or Visit Our Showroom For Details


Call Today (713) 510-9289 or Visit Our Showroom For Details. We Deliver Nationwide!

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